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Greetings and welcome to Steward Technical College. I am delighted that you decided to join us to pursue a course that will lead you to your dream career.

Our college is dedicated to providing our students with a well-rounded training experience coupled with character education and exposure to technologies in order to prepare students who are confident, caring and responsible citizens with the capacity to compete globally.

To parents, I assure you that Steward college is a vibrant and engaging community of lecturers and students. I believe that your involvement is integral to the academic success of your son/daughter. To this end, I encourage you to visit your son’s/daughter’s lecturers and have a feel of what Steward Technical College offers

Steward Technical College is a premier tertiary and vocational  training  committed  to the promotion  of excellence and integrity in training  and development  of human  resources . The college seeks to supplement  the government ‘s efforts  of providing  tertiary  education through  provision of selected trans formative management and technical course for integrated personal and career development.

The college  offers interactive certificate and diploma programs  in Business,Hospitality,ICT and Cosmetology(Hairdressing and Beauty) that prepare students adequately  to pursue further  education  or successful  careers. Through personalized  career guidance and counselling , Steward endeavors to assist  students  make this transition possible.

Our tutors are carefully selected for knowledge ,experience and expertise to ensure  learning  at Steward becomes a richly interactive ,rewarding ,enjoyable and engaging experience.The  college is a member of the tertiary and vocational training fraternity  that is coordinated and governed by the Technical and vocational Education and training Authority (TVETA),a state corporation charged  with the  mandate  of regulating  the TVET sector  through Licensing,Registration and Accreditation of institutions,programs and trainers.


Our vision

To be  a premier  center of excellence in wholesome  human resource development through  quality training

Our Mission

To college is committed  to affordable career  development  that  is responsive   to the challenges

We believe in the  innate ability in people and we endeavor to bring  out the best in our students by nurturing their talents and natural abilities.This is the embodiment of the steward’s vision  and reason  fr being.

The  tagline of the college is “nurturing Generations”

Steward  Technical college  is committed  to creating  an environment  that  promotes actions  and  choices that advance our mission and  for individual  and institutional success through:

a) Proficiency

We are founded on a vibrant desire to purse and nurture sustainable of knowledge and passion

b) Professionalism

We believe in the use of expertise in all our dealings  with our students and other  stakeholders.

c) Integrity

We are careful to exercise utmost honesty and sincerity  in all our dealings with  our students,community and the general public .In so doing we shall endeavors to be a beacon of honesty ,decorum,good governance  as well as high ethical and  professional standards

d) Distinction

We shall champion promote  and advocate for excellence to our students in their studies  and all they think say or do

e) Community Services

We are passionate about  the environment in which we operate in  and shall  endeavor to participate in its preservation and betterment.

f) Innovativeness

We encourage and promote an atmosphere that nurtures individual creativity,exploration and discovery.